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彡 I fell in love with the silence of the night ...

hello; hollow
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★ Hi. This is my journal to share and update music from all over the world, but mostly is Asian music. In other words, it's apparently a music rotation. I choose to make a journal 'cause I'm too lazy to manage a rotation community. Some of my uploads are public, some are friends-locked to prevent leechers. Feel free to friend this journal and enjoy music there. :]

★ Have questions ? Want to be affiliates ? Request ? Re-upload ? Or whatever comes to your mind related to this journal ? Let me know here at intro post.

★ Credit: Stylesheet by refuted

1tym, 8eight, ahn jae wook, alex, andy, antic café, anyband, ayaka, bae seul ki, big bang, boa, buzz, casker, chieco kawabe, christian music, clazziquai, cloud cuckoo land, crying nut, csjh the grace, dance, dbsk, deb, deep white, dido, donawhale, electronica, enya, epik high, eric, f.t.island, fahrenheit, fly to the sky, g.o.d, good charlotte, green day, group s, gummy, h.o.t, ha dong kyun, hey! say! jump, hip hop, hirai ken, hitomi shimatani, howl, humming urban stereo, indie rock, izi, jang woo hyuk, jaurim, jpop, jtl, junjin, kana, kangta, kanon, kat-tun, kebee, kelly chen, kenny g, kim dong ryul, kpop, lee hyolee, lee jae won, lee ki chan, lee seung gi, lee so ra, lee so young, lena park, lexy, lily allen, lim hyung joo, love holic, loveholic, maaya sakamoto, maybee, maysecond, mc mong, mc sniper, mc the max, milk@coffee, minwoo, misty blue, monday kiz, moon hee jun, mose, mot, nell, nemesis, new age, no brain, noel, oldskool kpop, ost, outsider, paran, park hyo shin, pop, pop-opera, postino, r&b, rie fu, rocket diary, rollercoaster, rumble fish, rurutia, ryu, sat, se7en, seamo, sechskies, secret garden, see-saw, sg wannabe, shin hye sung, shinee, shinhwa, showta., sogyumo acacia band, son dam bi, soundtrack, ss501, t.a.t.u, tae yang, taebin, tei, the green tea, the melody, the trax, tim, tony an, ueto aya, urban note, utada hikaru, v6, vicki zhao, w-inds, wanted, wat, wax, wheesung, witches, wonder girls, x-japan, xeno, xing, yiruma, yozoh, yui, yuki kajiura, yurisangja